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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I WILL take myself seriously!

If I don't take myself seriously, I cannot expect anyone else to!
    I decided to take my budding talent, my desire, and my photos (as well as the copliments I received on them) seriously.

      I started over a year ago when I got a self-inking stamp that said "Jan F. Pavis Photographer". My name was in script like a signature, and my title in print. It was uncomfortable. I didn't have any education in photography! I only had an entry level digital camera! I couldn't afford any classes or upgrading my camera. I could afford a rubber self-inking stamp though. I could take a deep breath and say outloud......"I am a photographer"!...... I could keep breathing afterwards!

        A friend liked my photos so much that he had two blown up to poster size and framed them. (Thank you Joe H.). He wanted me to stamp it. I did in the lower corner like an artist's signature.
          I framed my photos and gave them as gifts. I was nervous giving them as gifts. Would it look like I was just being cheap? Would the reciever coil back horrified of the hidious photo they would be expected to display? My gifts were well received! It was a gift that had meaning, because it was personal and from me. The receivers were even impressed I took the photos!
            Before I framed them, I stamped the back. It didn't matter it didn't show. It was the act of a woman who took her photography seriously! I gave the framed photos to family and friends, they knew I took them. When they received a compliment on the photo, they gave me credit as the photographer and relayed compliments back to me. WOW!
              I continued to add to my photo library. I took pictures everywhere and of everything. In the back of my mind I knew I would eventually use some of them to frame or in graphic designs.

              My stamp sat unused for awhile. I got busy trying to earn money to support my family and a newly purchase home.

                I didn't give up, I just put it aside temporarily.


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