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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It's done, Ideas has moved!

As of today, I'm still cleaning up and unpacking at Ideas new home. I have to put up the pictures and the ads, but if you don't mind the mess, stop by and visit. If you'd prefer to wait till I tidy up, I will post an update here when I'm settled in. I love the new home.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ideas has a new home

It may look like I've been neglecting Ideas, but I've been working on getting Ideas moved to its own domain and transfered to WP. I have 85 uncategorized posts to categorize! I'm also trying to figure out how to change the photo in the WP theme I chose.

It got stuck trying to pick out a photo. I finally choose one I took of cacti in the background with water flowing over a dam. I thought it fit the blog since I have an overflow of ideas constantly.

With the change I have also decided to change my blog name to just "Jan's Ideas".

Monday, October 16, 2006


Finally getting to Sept EOM!
  • September Goals Reviewed
  • Milestones
  • Traffic
  • Unplanned
  • Review of September
  • October Goals
  • Idea's post goals-met
  • Group Home
    • Domain registered-met
    • Transfered to WP-met
    • Post 5x per week-not met
    • Set date for launch-not met
  • Project 6DC
    • Post 5x per week-not met
    • 5 hours research, design, plan, etc-not met
  • Project CD&S
    • Write 10 pages each site-not met
    • Research for net 10 pages-met
  • Blog Team
    • Set up blog-met
    • Post link to details in forums-met
    • e-mail those who have shown interest-met
    • Chose team members-met
  • JFPx-1
    • Put on hold-not met
  • Transfered blogs to WordPress
  • Registered domains with GoDaddy and hosted them myself
  • Accepted moderator position


  • Moved Blogger blogs to WP and catagorized all posts
  • Gathered information to make a website
  • Registered domains with a different company other than my hosting company
  • Became a moderator
  • Considered my first internet purchase (decided against it for now)
  • Applied for first affiliate and was accepted

Though I didn't meet some of my goals posting and my little bit of traffic dropped, I still feel postitive about last month. I took on some new chanllenges and gained new skills. I realized I want to do more than I will do, this lesson will help me with future goal setting. I learned to follow my own motto of "Let today turn out better than planned". I didn't get to CD&S-1 like I wanted, but it turned out fine since my son, Rob, re-evaluated it and we decided to go a different route. Last month I was sick, had my teeth worked on (DEEP cleaning-ouch), and had a cyst on my face (went to the doctor the first time in 3 or more years!). The cyst ruptured on its own and I can put off having it removed for now. It reminded me to watch my health and add relaxing to my day more often. Since the previous three happened about the same week, I realized I was getting run down. Started doing my best to get someone to take one of my 4 hour shifts once a week so I can have a day off. Till Netpreneur gets going again, there's not much to do as moderator. The drop in my little bit of traffic is due to posting less on forums. Will wait to get Ideas moved and then focus on some posting.

  • Z4
    • Create 2 web sites
      • Link them together
    • Add AdSense
    • Add some affiliates for sales
    • Write 6 articles
  • Group Home
    • Set launch date
    • 30 days/30 posts before launch
  • CD&S-1
    • Write 12 pages
  • Ideas
    • Move to its own domain
    • Transfer to WP
      • Catorgorize all post
    • 2 posts per week
  • Team 6D
    • E-mail applications
    • Start team
      • Even if not full team start
    • Do requirements
    • Clean up team blog
    • Post 2x per week on team blog
  • SBB-(daughters' blog)
    • Help each of them post 3x per week
The month is 1/2 over and I have a start on the above goals. I feel these goals are more attainable and have begun on them.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Skill building is essential in any profession

I have been building my skils which is a slow and painful process for me. Its mostly by trial an error and asking questions when I get stuck. I was a bit discouraged, but I know the past "classes" will help me tremendously. My posting hasn't been as frequent, but its a sacrifice that was necessary.

These are the steps I have accomplished the past few weeks:
  • Registering domains with GoDaddy and hosting them myself. I previously had only registered with Reseller Zoom and it automatically went to my hosting account.
  • Imported a blog from Blogger to a WordPress on one of my sites. As soon as the domain propagates I will be transfeing Ideas to its new home.
  • Downloaded a website template and put it up on one of my sites. I have even managed to customize colors, put ads in, create links, and add text! The lessons I learned while fooling around on the Blogger template helped me.
  • Researched my first internet purchase possibility. I have chosen against the purchase, but I feel comfortable I checked into it and thought about it enough.
  • Decided it was time to stop hunting and gathering information full time. I realize its time to spend more time using the information I've gathered and put to use the new found skills.
  • Gathered some confidence to share a few ideas to see if anyone else was interested. My great ideas weren't as great as I thought, but taking the step to get some input was a good move. It will make it easier next time I feel inspired and who knows when one of my great ideas will truely be great!
Overall the past week and a half has been productive. I feel now its time to move on to the next level and be making some money by my birthday, April 2007!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Here's the requirements

The team blog is still being set up, so the requirements will be posted in the 6D Bog Team section on Netpreneur Forums. The team blog is going a little slow, as I am still figuring out WordPress.

You can e-mail me at
Jan's Idea Box, to receive a copy of the requirements.
More info

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