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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Promotion Idea #1

Summer is perfect for kid related information.

    IDEA-Bookmarks in the library.
    GOAL-Company name exposure .
    COST-Design, printing, cutting, time and gas to distribute.

      Do you have a service or product that children or their parents will benifit from? Share free information printed on bookmarks this summer.

        Design the bookmarks 4 per page. (this can be done on most home computers). The top should be eye catching, colorful, and appeal to kids. Valuable (I repeat VALUABLE) information should be in the center. It should be easy to read and have graphics. If possible, have it relate to your business in some way. At the bottom, small and polite, should be your business information......"_____ information provided to you courtesy of your business name, possibly a very brief description (neighborhood pool cleaner), phone number, and website.

          I would have it professionally printed/copied (card stock should be durable enough) and professionally cut when possible. You don't want it printed from a home computer and the ink disolve with the first water drop that hits it! Start with a small printing/copiying order at the beginning if your funds are low. Print on an as needed basis to spread out costs.

            Have available funds?

            Take advatage of bulk printing/copying discounts.
            Print enough to donate to the schools when summer is over.
            Grade school children will use the bookmarks and hang on to to them.
            Design a longer bookmark with a detatchable coupon. Once the coupon is removed, they still have the bookmark.

              DETAILED IDEAS

              Flash game website
              Top-It's NOT a CAN have fun and learn
              Middle-FACT-repetition increases retention
              Repeat these FREE flash games as needed to remember
              ABC's-game name
              Business stratigy-game name
              Bottom-Free educational flash games are brought to you by

              Swimming Pool Service
              Top-graphic with kids playing in pool.
              Middle-basic swimming pool/water saftey information. Text in bright colored boxes.
              Bottom-These saftey tips brought to you by
              Super Pool Cleaners
              Serving your town since 1970
              Phone number

                Design an area kids can write their name on their bookmark.


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