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Thursday, June 01, 2006

6-1-06 Thursday

I decided to post what I do for my various projects on the day I do it. I will incorperate it in an expanded topic at later dates.

Here's the first one!

  1. Today I read the latest postings and checked out one of the links-Young Money Blog, from Inspiration for Internet Entreprenuers (it's the Business Inspiration link on this blog).
  2. I liked the site I checked out and asked permision to link to his blog.
  3. Searched for forums on group home staff, not much luck. I found group home consulting. I e-mailed them requesting info and permision to link to them. I printed out info from their site. I will use it in postings.
  4. Posted "what to wear" and "reducing absenteeism" on the group home blog.
  5. Figured out how to have a group of words highlighted to link to the site with the absenteeism study.
  6. Want to learn more about Html! When I have more time and get better at it I will include it in more postings.
  7. I found out the day I save a draft, "that" day is what will show up on my blog. I copied and pasted my saved draft from yesterday to a new post today, then posted "Experience" on this blog.
  8. Two new ideas for posting-did you know.... trivia about me. I'll add it about once a month, and of course this posting, logging my day to day efforts.
  9. I have picked out 5 people ot interview regarding things they have seen that work really well in a group home.
  10. Shared my site with someone in charge of new hire for group homes.


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