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Friday, June 02, 2006


My second job was ending in a few weeks. I was VERY dependent on that second income.

I hadn't had to look for a job in six years! I've never been out of work longer than two weeks and have usually had two jobs. I figured returning to bartending would give me some quick cash. I hadn't done it for years, but felt I could do a slow shift at a neighborhood bar. I started the painful process of filling out applications. In the past when I looked for work, I had the goal of 10 applications a week. I started out close to my house and worked my way out. I applied for a bartending positions for two weeks. If I didn't get a bartending position I planned to return and fill out a new one and would take a waitress position. It worked before, so I got started!

The first week with my schedule, I was only able to put in 5 results. I really needed to have a plan B. A friend had a well paying job opening at her work, but that wouldn't be available for two more months. I started to think.

At work they were familiar with my photos. I talked to the peson in charge of the weekely meetings that included all the house managers and asked if I could be put on the agenda to show my photos. I would give a complimentry 8 X 10 framed photo of their choice for the office. When I got the "OK" I invested $25 in frames and reprints of my photos. I designed and printed out an order form. I pulled out my ink stamp-Jan F. Pavis, Photographer!

I was very excited to have gathered the courage to ask. At this point, it didn't matter if I got any orders. I would have my photo displayed at the office and have further exposure!


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