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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I may have been a few days late, (I can't find where I wrote down my target date to start), but I submited my first article for a business topic site today. The site has not been launched yet, when it is I will let you know. I had wanted to have 4 weeks (one a week) of articles to submit today, but didn't reach that goal. With the new second job, I am happy to have the one article in!
I set a new goal of submitting two articles next week. By next month I'd like to have 4 articles. The benifits for me to submit 2 articles at a time, is that I only have to make the time once a month instead of 4 times a month to submit. If anything comes up, that's one less thing to worry about doing, I have a cushion. For the site, he can post them on a set schedule and choose the order in which the articles are posted. If something comes up for me, his site isn't effected.


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