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Monday, July 17, 2006


Launches Today!
    It's a great site! There's something for everyone. I hope you check Netpreneur Forums out and tell Khalid hello!
    1. In the "lounge" there's a place to get to know each other, ask for and share information, and learn. My favorite place to post is in "kickback"'s also my favorite area to hang out on the forum because of the variety of forum topics.
    2. In "monetization" those currently making money or planning to, can share information and get ideas. Webmasters will find forum topics of interest here.
    3. The "marketplace" is where we can all go to conduct a variety of business (purchases, trades, advertising).
    I was fortunate to be invited to post at Netpreneur's beginning. The forum's creator is Khalid, he is a talented, gifted, idea filled young man. He's dedicated to his forum and is there posting regularly. I feel privileged to be part of the launch. Netreneur Forums is bound to go far!
      This is the first forum I've posted in regularly and I have entered the posting contest. It's been a friendly and welcoming community so far. I'll let everyone know how I'm doing on the contest.
      I'm fighting off the flu today, but will have a link in my side bar within the next few days to this forum.


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