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Sunday, July 09, 2006

HOME OFFICE part three

Phones, not just for talking anymore.

Even though much communication is done on the internet, there are still businesses where contact with customers on the phone is essential. Cell phones may be a great choice because they can also be used as a portable connection to the internet, have walkie-talkie capabilities, and can document and share information with their built in cameras. Landlines have dependable high quality connections. Ask these questions;

  1. Will you need to be easy to reach?
  2. Are you going to need e-mail and internet capabilities?
  3. Would it be beneficial to forward photos/video to customers through your phone?
  4. Will there be employees that will be needing phones?
  5. How important is the connection?
  6. Will you be traveling often and where?

Home office-intro and part one

Home office-part two


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