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Saturday, July 08, 2006

HOME OFFICE part two

Most businiesses will need a computer eventually.
    At the very beginning you may be able to invest in portable memory like a jump drive and borrow your family or friends computer temporarily. Eventually, though, every business will benifit from a computer. Some businesses need a computer that can go where you go whether it’s to visit a customer or for business travel. You will have to decide if it will just be used to get you on the internet and information storage or to efficiently handle complex graphic designs and large downloads.
    1. Are you mostly storing information for your business and its customers?
    2. Do you need speed and memory for large files of graphics?
    3. Do you need to download large amounts of information fast?
    4. Do you need a wireless internet connection?
    5. Will customers need to be able to view, make changes, or accept designs?
    6. Do you need to be able to connect it with any office equipment?
    7. Does it need a portable printer?

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