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Friday, July 07, 2006

HOME OFFICE part one

Many entrepreneurs are born at home.
    If you are one of them and working from home, be sure to create a permanent or temporary area to conduct business. Once you evaluate your needs for your type of business, ask yourself a few questions so you can decide what you will need to effectively conduct business from your home. Start with the bare essentials in case your initial plan for business ends up on a different path and your original business supply list changes. Also, as the business grows, let the income from your business pay for additional items and upgraded items. Cut your costs by finding another entrepreneur that will be starting a new business and could purchase your original startup items as you upgrade. You can keep an eye out for other entrepreneurs who are upgrading, what they are selling could be an upgrade to you.

    You will need to decide if a large desk, storage for paperwork, and a place for office equipment in an extra bedroom will be necessary or you can set up temporarily, as needed, at the kitchen table or on TV tray in the living room. Maybe a hall closet can be transformed into a mini office with a fold up desk and shelves to fill the needs of your business.

    Before you set up office, ask yourself some questions;
    1. Will you be doing a lot of paperwork?
    2. How instrumental is the computer to your business?
    3. Is comfort important in your work area because you will spend a lot of time there?
    4. Will you need room for office equipment essential to conducting your business?
    5. Is it necessary to have a quiet place to conduct phone business?

    Home office-part two

    Home office-part three


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