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Sunday, August 13, 2006


My first love when it comes to forums has to be Netpreneur Forums. It was my first experience posting and it was a very postitive experience. Here's a little about the forums I post in regularly.

Netpreneur Forums

My son Bob introduced me to Khalid and he invited me to post in the forum. I just loved the interaction, learning, and of course writing! Khalid walked me through the basics and was very patient as I learned.

  • Professional
  • Well run
  • Welcoming and friendly
It is a new forum so the community is small. There is a number of members with limited experience, but the ones with more experience are happy to share what they know. The community is supportive and encouragaing. The members are positive and eager to learn and help. I have run into a few members on another forum and they are just as friendly there.

Young Go Getters

I'm glad they go by young at heart and not physical years! I had visited the website and was invited to post in the forum by Eric. I haven't been as active as I would like. Maybe a later post when I know the forum better.

  • Professional
  • Forum is viewed on webpage
  • Informative
This is a fairly new forum also. There is a good number of more experienced members. I like that the forum is part of the webpage. It's one click to the web page and everything is right there to view!

Wicked Fire

I was reading some great information in the blog that Bob suggested and I found the forum. I have a lot of fun in that forum. I like the large community and the increased opportunities to post and learn that go with its size. I do have to be careful when my daughters are around due to some of the language and a few posted pics. UPDATE 9-5-06: The fourm now has icons by the posts to identify it as "not suitible for workplace" (I also interpret that as not suitable for childresn) or if there is nudity to make it more user friendly. There are also the icons to identify the post for other areas as well such as different business areas, if its a request for help, suggesting checking something out, etc.

  • Large forum
  • Experienced and successful members
  • Special catagory for newbie questions
  • Educational
  • Very diverse group
There's teasing and fun and a lot of interaction among its members. Members will tell it like it is. It's a big forum, that's worth the time to look around, you will find lots of help, opportunities, and knowledge. The most extreme of newbies (like me) and the experienced high earners come together to learn and teach and have fun.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Todd said...

You skipped Yaro's forums! The one with the link I followed to get here!

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Jan F. Pavis said...

You are correct..I did! There's so much great info out there and so little time. I will be heading back over there soon and will post re: Yaro's forum.
Thank you for your time to remind me..truly appreciated!


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