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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I changed the template on Jan's Group Home Help blog and lost my links, stat counter and a few other customizations because I didn't double check I saved the first template.
    Now that I've looked at a lot of blogs and am more comfortable with working on them, I am evaluating my blogs. This one will be next, I will be sure to check the saves before I change it.
      Though creative, I have decided against the color variations from post to post. Now that I have a lot of posts, the colors are distracting when running down the blog. The content should stand out.
        I will go over my group home blog at a later date and fix it. Glad the launch was postponed.
          Working on Mid Life Crisis AZ's blog I learned that AdSense will reject a blog that looks like it's under construction. I'm still waiting for the reply from one of the band members who resubmitted it now that it has more posts.


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