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Monday, July 31, 2006


My personality on line and off, is very socialable and "hostess" oriented. Thanks to my son Bob, I was introduced to Kahlid, and he invited me to post on his forum, Netpreneur Forums. I just naturally did many of the tasks described.
    I have to admit that I was surprised when someone would take me up on a suggestion to post. I saw how I personally enjoyed going to the forum and learning more about new members in the suggested post. I thought that someone who had time to devote to a forum as a host(ess) could really be an asset to that forum.

    If you can't host(ess) your own forum, don't run out and pick just anyone to fill that position. Forced posts by someone who really doesn't care about your forum will only diminish it's value. Take note of the reacurring words in this post .... "sincere", "quality", "appropriate", and "genuine", there's a reason those words are included!

    Why a forum host or hostess?
    1. Excessive amount of forums to choose from
    2. The rareness of personalization on the internet
    Who can be a forum host or hostess?
    1. Forum creator
    2. Forum moderator
    3. Volunteer position holder
    4. Hired position holder (for pay or for exchange of service)

    What are the traits of a valuable host or hostess?

    1. Friendly
    2. Outgoing
    3. Enjoys posting
    4. A natural match maker (someone who recognises good matches of services, interests, personalities, etc)
    5. Genuinely believes in the value of the forum
    6. Positive, encouraging nature
    7. Has time available to post
    8. Sincere

    What are the duties?

    1. Send a personal message to each new member. The e-mail would be welcome greeting and an invite to post on a section like "Introduce Yourself" with a direct link.
    2. When the new member posts in the introduction topic, posts a welcome. Each welcome should be a little different and personalized. Have a handful of appropriate posts for someone new. Invite them to post in topics like "Is Being an Entrepreneur in your blood?" or "Show me your workspace and I'll show mine" with a direct link. The post invites should be personalized to the poster and varied in topic post suggestions.
    3. When posting (only if it is truely helpful and appropriate), takes the time to provide direct links to other posts within the forum to provide easy access to forum topics and information.
    4. Periodically looks through forum, and when a quality post can be made, will post on an inactive topic.
    5. Visit new member's sites and e-mail a sincere comment. If the site is a blog and it's appropriate, post a comment or two.
    6. When visiting other forums, will mention the forum in a quality post.
    7. Will look for potential posters to invite when posting in his or her favorite forums.

    I'm sure you could customize this for your individual forum and it's to your benifit to do so.

    These are the high tech days of excessive choices. Good old fashion personal attention will set your forum apart from that excess. Word of mouth is still an effective way to let others know of your existance. You shouldn't be surprised people still talk about and respond to personal attention. It will only increase in the future as personal attention becomes more rare.


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