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Friday, August 04, 2006


Between taking a few hours off work (avoiding burnout) and being given a few hours off work (one of the residents is gone for a few days), I have been able to refresh both blogs. Since I added AdSense (I think it was the end of May 2006), I made money (31 cents) the first time June 15, 2006. Between then and yesterday I have made a total of 48 cents. Well today I have made 44 cents! For me, its pretty exciting, because I don't really know much of what I'm doing and haven't promoted my blog.
    Changes I made (the first two may have had a direct impact on income).
    1. Changed ad placements on blog-included ads in posts.
    2. Posted in some new forums.
    3. Re-wrote the description.
    4. Submitted to a few directories.
    5. Added my photo to my profile (pic will show up on comments in other blogs, not sure I like both pics up though, but I really like the AZ background on the top one!).
    6. Added YEBlogger widget (I even figured out how to make it pink instead of the original dark grey!).
    7. Worked on sidebar.
    8. Added Firefox/Google referral.
    9. Added Google search bar.

    This blog is for learning and I'm learning a lot and making steps towards self-confidence in this area. I've enjoyed the extra time to work on it, the past few days.

    Bob helped me to get a re-seller hosting account. When he has time (his wage earning job picked up lately), he will walk me through the next steps now that I have my confirmation information. I have plans to start a new blog with WordPress.

    Valuable lesson-be sure you spell the domain you want correctly! I was tired and in a hurry and I mispelled the name! I quickly e-mailed and they held up everything till I sent them an alternative. The correctly spelled name was taken, so I now have Will explain what it means in the furture and my plans for it. That project will be internet entrepreneur related. For now the project is just called 6dC.

    Future plans-learn how to center some of the side bar additions.


    At 6:55 AM, Blogger Mike said...

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