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Thursday, August 10, 2006


There is a referal button for Firefox in my sidebar. I added it because it was an opportunity to earn more money from Google. I hadn't tried it myself yet, but knew almost everyone else was.

When I was having trouble on the YGG (Young Go Getters) site. There was a poll and I couldn't vote in it, because I couldn't see all of it. While in the forum, I mentioned I found out that with Internet Explorer I see things differently and maybe that's why I couldn't see the 40+ option. It was suggested I get Firefox (thank you Eric). Well, I stopped putting it off and added it in. I"m sure some of you are still in shock I was limping along with Explorer....I told you I have a lot to learn!

WOW! It made such a difference! I see the internet world as it is meant to be seen! I could vote on YGGl Its faster and more secure. The change over was easy and it imported all my favorites and organized them. I can't wait to have a little time to read all the tools available. The bookmarks (favorites in Explorer) is so much better with more options (I love the tabs). It's easier to use.

Now I see how my blogs really look to most viewers. I will have to re-refresh my blog, but that's OK.

I am editing this already, this is the first post I published with Firefox and I had to come back and let you know the was SO much FASTER....I just love it!


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