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Saturday, June 03, 2006


It got cancelled!

It was for a valid reason.....the passing on of a very dear co-worker a few days before. I trusted everything would work out. The following week, at the last minute, I found out someone else was leading that meeting. I was prepared and waited for her OK. I didn't hear from her! I then got a call from the original contact at the office, I found out she wasn't going to be able to lead the meeting and with the original contact doing the meeting, he put me on the agenda! I got there a few minutes late and made my presentation.

Ahead of time I gave all the managers a copy of the order form and offered a discount (10%) if an order was given the day of the presentation. I attatched the discount information in letter form signed by me. I offered a discount for a free framed 8 X 10 print for a large order ($300 or more). It was offered per order or as a company total. I set up my framed photos. I was dressed professionally. I made my product unique during the presentation.

It was over and I was SO excited! I started to let my self hope for orders as I reminded myself my goal was exposure.


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