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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have recently checked into two partnerships.
    My first one is related to my photography and is in the works. I think I will give it a fancy code name like all the other entrepreneurs (lol) do with their projects, to protect it till it's launched. I will name it, JFPX-1.
      Yesterday my son and I talked about partnering up for an on going project. It doesn't need a secretive code, but we will probably name it for reference puposes.
        I will write content, he will design/set up the websites and we will end up with 2 content based websites.
          Here's the details.
          1. We both pick one topic.
          2. Each website will have 50 pages.
          3. We each pay for one domain and its hosting.
          4. We may have similar topics to link the two websites (still deciding on that one).
          5. He designs the site the way he wants and I write the way I want.

          What I like about this idea is that at the end, I will own one site and he will own one site (we will own the site we picked the topic for). No time will be consumed monthly or quarterly evaluating profits and splitting them up.

          We had tried to partner up on a project before that didn't work. The problem was when it came to the design. We eliminated that factor! In business we are a great match because we brainstorm really well together and have complimenting strengths to weaknesses.

          I will keep everyone updated! I plan to start this project in aproximately 2 months.


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