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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Passive income can be brought in by a good content site.

Inspiration for the Internet Entrepreneur had a good article to get anyone started on developing a content site.

Starting out, you might not have funds available to ad graphics or photos. You can still create a quality site. There are lots of sites that privide them for free or very inexpensively. When doing the search, start with "free" and then add what you are looking for. You can help out new artists, they may be willing to provide original work free or inexpensively for the exposure. You can also offer free ad space as an exchange to someone starting out. The Simple Source
is a completely free internet download resource where you can find high quality website templates, logos, icons, and scripts to help you create your website.

If you are fairly handy with a camera, take your own pictures for your site.
  • Be creative and take a photo of just a corner of a computer or a close up of a portion of a leaf. Look at professional artists for inspiration.
  • Family and friends will probably model for you for trade (lunch, copies of the photos, etc) or very inexpensively.
  • A local business may allow you to photo items in exchange for a CD with the photos for them to use for their ads (guitars in a music store, gear in a painball store, etc).
  • You will have original and unique graphics.
  • Rename the photos with topic relevent words (entrepreneur at computer, airsoft gun with female, etc)
If you have some skills, but not all that you need to develope a site, partner up with someone who has the skills you lack and can use yours. He's a previous post in Ideas about a partnership option.


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