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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Discover and use your talents to progress on your entrepreneur journey.

I love to write! A request for a few hundred words of content, quickly turns into 2-3 times that much.

Here is how I use that talent as I travel the path of the internet entrepreneur:
  • Write for my blogs
  • Trade for tutoring, sites, etc.
  • Sell content for sites
  • Post in forums
So what are your talents? You probalby have more talents than you realize. To find your talents, break what you do into specific tasks. For example, I work at a call center. By no means is this my talent or am I proficient at it. I take catalog orders. My job description includes taking orders (I flounder with the computer functions), entering customer information (I constantly struggle with entering numbers correctly), and being a personal shopper-not an order taker (here lies my talent). I love the personal shopper area. I don't even have to think about taking care of the customer, helping her, connecting, and having her feel good about shopping. A large percentage of them comment on how nice and helpful I am before the call is over. They have fun shopping with me. My genuineness shows over the phone. I am talented at customer service.

Next, ask yourself a few questions and remember to be specific:
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What do you do that people would pay/trade for?
  • What do you have knowledge about?
  • Does your current job provide you with experience or knowledge?
  • What do you get complimented on?
  • Do you volunteer services or a talent.
Photography, writing, being outdoors, designing, creating, and talking.

Photography, writing, caregiving, customer service, blog set up, graphic design, and child care.

Disabilities, home education, writing, caregiving, home birth, management, customer service, and the outdoors.

Disabilities, customer service, business proceedure, management styles, writing for newletters, photography, recreation, and incentive programs.

My mood, constant smile, helpful, photography, writing, dependable, being a friend, creativity, hard working, being a mom, great ideas, dancing, fun to be with, and friendliness.

Writing, photography, child care, donate platlettes, help with blog set up, graphic design, and Boy Scouts (outdoors).

Doing this exercise I found out I look very talented on paper (if only I could give myself a raise)! This list gives me a more realistic view of myself,
I never saw myself as all that talented. Looking over the above lists I can see some talents are reacurring. There is also a variety of talents to choose from.

Look over your own list. Now that you know your talents, pick three to focus on and brainstorm how you can use them to reach your goals as an internet entrepreneur.

Here's some content I've researched and written for trade or pay. I have great self satisfication, seeing what I wrote on a site!

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chicken pox info site


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