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Saturday, June 03, 2006

6-3-06 TASKS

What I've worked on today;

  1. I consulted my son re: trouble with posting lists because they don't look like they do in "compose" when I post them. He suggested checking on line for the Html code. Will do that tomorrow. He said most codes can be found on line, and I shouldn't have to buy a book.
  2. Got the book my son suggested-Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Will read some tonight.
  3. Got the book a friend suggested-The Portable Coach. Skimmed through and read some.
  4. Decided to set up a schedule for regular posts for some topics.
  5. Called a friend and offered to set up/manage an informational blog on auto repair/maintanance in exchange for some of the work he's done on my car. He liked the idea.
  6. Got input from the staff and residents at the group home I worked as relief staff for, to put on the group home blog. They all thought the blog was a great idea. Told them at the end of July I will give them the link information for the site.
  7. Posted on both sites. Posts that were previously written and saved in draft, cut and pasted better to a new post so I have todays date on the post, when I did it in "Edit Html"
  8. Will try to write post ahead of time in MS Word because my posts arent spell checking from the "create" posting location.
  9. Motivation maintained.


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