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Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's almost done!

This project has taken a bit more time than I thought. Most of it was because of the emotional attatchment that came of storage, slowed me down. It was well worth it. I have an informative and attractive display up about children's cancer at a lobby at a local council office.

Cactus, Cancer, and Chemo relates the way cactus survivors the desert with cancer patients survive chemo. The display has the story of my son's journey. His is a good story of success, of surviving. He was brave enough to allow pictures of himself while in chemo. I think it will help others to see him before, during, and after. He's an impressive young man. Information from his Don't be a Schmuck site is up with the characters he deisgned-the Schmuck boys from Sac Central! They inform on testicular cancer.


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