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Friday, June 09, 2006

Business idea #1

Write for a website.

Do you know a web designer or internet entrenprenuer? See where their talent is. Is it in the web design? Is it in the hosting? Find out if they are spending too much time writing. I love to write and can come up with a lot rather effortlessly. My son, who has a blog, Inspiration for the Internet Entreprenuer, doesn't like to write. I have done research and writing for him to put on an information site he's working on. His talent is in the design and set up. He realizes freeing up time by paying someone else to write gives him more time to work on set up and design of more sites.

When I am ready to organize my information for my own information web site, I will trade my writing for web design and set up with him. My cash outlay will only be for hosting and registration for my website.


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