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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Check stats/income on a limited basis

It's true, watched pots never boil and it's best not to weigh yourself every day. Checking stats and income several times a day can be time consuming and it will appear like nothing is happening, like a watched pot. Just like a dieter who weighs herself daily or even several times a day, checking your stats/income that often will put you on a roller coaster with constant ups and downs.

Pick certain days you will check your stats/income. If you do it once a week, pick a day after your peak days. Some sites have more traffic on the weekends, for others it's during the week. This will give you a good average for the week. Checking stats and income 2-3 time a week should be plenty for most sites.

Stat Counter
can even e-mail you a weekly report. Hint-be sure your security software won't send it to spam killer land!


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