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Sunday, June 25, 2006


This book design matches me!

I really enjoy making my blogs. Till I move on to creating web sites, my information doesn’t just sit on my computer, unshared. While I'm posting on the blogs, I can learn to make my own web pages. I took another step towards that goal and I got the book, Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML. I do not have the time or funds to attend any classes, so I will be self-taught with books.

I was attracted to this book because it does not resemble a text book. It’s got a lot of graphics, things are broke down in bite size sections, and written in an understandable style.

The learning theory is to turn the brain on and for it to recognize the importance of the information presented, so our natural filters to block out what our brain may consider useless information, unworthy of storing, is shut down. The authors do this by making it visual (that’s how I learn best), there are words near the graphics, it’s written in a conversational style instead of a lecturing style, the activities use both sides of the brain, there’s attention getting graphics and information, and emotions are stimulated to create a strong link to memory.

The other books had lots of text and pages filled with html codes. I got a headache just skimming the books as I was trying to decide which one would work for me! My brain immediately shut down and voices screamed "You are incapable of learning this stuff". Head First HTML caught my attention right away as I skimmed through it and I started reading parts immediately. When I compared the information in this book with the others I looked at, this one had everything I was looking for and more. It could be used as a reference when looking for something specific. The voices were silent!! I felt confidence to learn emerge and to the relief of my patiently waiting offspring, a decision was made and I went to the checkout counter with my find!


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