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Sunday, June 25, 2006


My trigger came from being pulled over by the police.

My brake lights weren’t working. After I got my repair warning, I called a long time friend who works on my vehicles. He’s got a mobile repair service. He’s been working on my cars for years for a minimal charge. There have been times as a single mom, I wasn’t able to pay anything. My car still got fixed so I could get to work. For 14 years, he’s been there for me. Once he was in a car accident and in the hospital and I was able to help him. His jaw was broke and he couldn’t tell me “no”! Mostly, there isn’t much he needs, especially from me.

As he we talked, I shared what I started with my blogs and how my son is slowly building income from his blog and his web sites. Like me, my mechanic friend has no retirement plans. To show my appreciation for all his help over the years, I offered to set one up a blog for him on auto repair information. Finally I could do something for him.

Next week we will get together to pick topics and write enough for two months of postings. I will set it up for him and maintain it. I found out he also writes stories. Next he’d like to have a blog that posts a chapter a month, three postings a week at a time.

The broken brake light switch triggered his new plans for his future. The plan is to get income from blogs, use that income for an informative website, then use that income to publish a story that finishes on a blog, start another blog and story. His goal for down the road is to use income from blogs, websites, and books to supplement retirement income. It triggered an idea for me to bring in some short term income setting up and maintaining blogs.

Look around at what is happening in your life. Don’t miss an opportunity for a trigger for a new path, a new idea. I could’ve gotten distracted by anger when I got pulled over on my way home from a 19 hour shift, instead I used the event to trigger the start of some new ideas for myself and my friend, to repay acts of kindness, and to be thankful I didn’t get rear ended one night driving with a broken brake light.

So....what's happening in your life?


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