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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


First post with a post template!

IT WORKED! I hit new post and I just typed over the words and everything is in the font, size, color, and justification I want!

If you find yourself repeating the same basic post design, make yourself a template and streamline your posting. I'm sure there is an easier way to make your own template, but this is how I did mine. I figured it out on my own through trial and error. It's simple really and you don't need to know Html.

I started a new post.
  1. I wrote "first line"
  2. I double spaced and wrote "post here"
  3. I highlighted the first line, changed the font name, size, hit bold, changed the color, and the justification.
  4. I did the same for the second line, but skipped the bold.
  5. I went from "compose" to "edit html" >highlighted all>copied (control/c)
  6. Title it "template", and save the post as a draft, in case I had to make changes.
  7. I went to my blog>settings>formating>post template.
  8. Pasted (control/v) the code in "post template".
  9. Go to "new post" and type over "first line" and "post here" to create a new post.
  10. Publish it, hit refresh, and see if it works.
  11. If it works, delete the draft of the "template" post!
  12. Post as needed...


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