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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Individualization! Special order without the special order expense.

With limited funds, group home staff have to shop where they get the most for their budget. Often many of the homes have similar linen, dishes, shower curtains, etc. Often everyone shops at the same store. There's little or nothing special on the walls. Everyone does the best they can with their budgets and the options available.

I wanted to fill the need to have affordable and unique items to put on the group home walls. The managers could make choices on the order form that made their framed photo unique from other group home's orders.

Lots of people take beautiful photographs and could enlarge them for framing. To set my framed photos apart I have several options on the order form. My photos when on the wall, will be unique and reflect the personality of the group home residents. The managers and residents can select a photo from about 150 choices (small versions on the 4 page order form). In addition they choose the frame color and size. They can also choose to have text of their choice printed on the photo they choose. In homes that have residents that destroy property, the photo can be laminated and framed so there's not the danger of glass being broken.


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