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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Can your business help a good cause?

I like to write and take photos. I have a son who is a childhood cancer survivor. I put together a collection of photos and writings together called Cactus, Cancer, and Chemo. It's a collection of writings and photos relating cactus survival of the desert and cancer treatment survival.

I joined my business up with a good cause. I picked a cause I feel passionate about. I don't have to pretend to care about it. CureSearch Gold Ribbon Days is June 19-21, 2006. It's held every year in Washington, DC. I was paying my water bill at a council office near where I live. The lobby usually has displays from local schools. Schools that are closed for the summer. I offered to put up my collection with my son's work and his story. I coordinated it to start during Gold Ribbon Days which brings awareness to childhood cancer issues.

I joined my business with a cause, I joined that with an empty lobby display, and joined that with a national event.

I go the official OK today-I will put up my display on June 19! I'm very excited and have lots to do!


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