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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


First transfer from Blogger to WordPress!

I'm introducing my daughters to the world of the internet entrepreneur and they have a blog they started. It only had a few posts, so I decided to try the transfer and sacrifice their blog, if I had to. Since it was on, it went smoothly! Of course there is tweeking involved because of the extra options, but it went smoothly! From what I understand, if it's not published with blogger it might not go as smooth. I spent some time customizing their blog today. They really like it.

I will do the group home next since it has a domain. Ideas will follow when I get a domain for it.

I have set up the pages for both the 6D team blog and the 6D blog. I love the way it sorts everything. My son, Bob, was over a few days ago and after I showed him a little about WP and what I could do on it, he wants to graduate to WP also. Maybe he'll be calling me so I can help him! I'd love to be able to help him after all the help he's been giving me over the past few months.


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