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Monday, September 11, 2006


I love to write, but I just can't get started.

I have lots of ideas and notebooks (I write in those during down/slow time at my jobs) full of articles and posts. I just can't get myself to sit at the computer to get it written and edited. When I get to my computer, I wander around the internet aimlessly, that leads to feeling like I've wasted valuable time, and that leads to my fustration increasing. I jsut can't get motivated to write. I kow I'm a little burnt out from my rough wage earning work schedule, but I feel like I should still be able to get more done! Lately I find myself avoiding things that take much effort, even things I enjoy! I'm SO very fustrated.

Not sure if I expect too much of myself or am slacking. I worked 2 months with only one day off per month. This month is better, I had two days off last week and two this week. I've mostly rearranged hours (66 hours between both jobs) so I don't loose money but still get a break with some time off. Last week I was SO happy just to stay home and relax both days off. Maybe I just needed some time to do nothing. Maybe this week will be better and I'll feel more motivated when I have my days off. I sure hope so. I just have so very much I want to do, and seem to not be even be moving!

I have a commitment with a friend to have something done on the blog team. So that means I should have something done by Wed morning. On AIM this morning we brainstormed on some stuff. It really helps to be accountable to him to reach a goal and contact with him helps me to focus and to keep motivated. I feel like I provide some help to him as well.

OK, I'm done with my "venting my fustration" post. I was going to apologize, but this blog is about my journey, and feeling fustrated is part of it, so I won't apologize. Fustration is a part of the internet experience, so there's no reason to hide it. I do hope my next posts will be more helpful and informative, though. For now, I''m going to take a walk with the kids and off to work again.....


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