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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


With the excitement came headaches.

Well, I am moving along on my goals for the month and got a domain for my group home blog. I struggled and finally got it added to my accounts (I have a reseller account and am hosting it myself). Trying to add it was the first headache. The second bigger one was that everytime I tried to access my new domain, it showed it couldn't find the server. After a few post, calls to my son, searching the internet, reading posts in forums, and several e-mails to/from tech support I found out I have to wait. Yes....wait, so I am! Valuable lesson learned. I did make a few discoveries in my quest for a solution, so it wasn't a total waste of time!

I learned a new word-propagated (to be produced). I found out I could access the c-panel, download WordPress, manage my domain, and add it to my host....all without it being fully propagated. Others can see it, but I kept getting a "cannot find server" page. Reading a post in Wicked Fire I found out the problem could be that I visited the site before it was propagated. That could be why others can get to it and I could not.

So today didn't go quite as planned, instead of writing for project 6DC and setting up my new domain, I searched the internet! I trust it to all work out!


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