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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Starting fresh!

Ok, new day today! I’m at my computer ready to write. Its 9:30 am. I have the day off. I’m going to commit to writing today. I’m not making goals on quantity, I’m just making a goal to get something, anything started. I will keep a running log of my progress today. The reason for the log is to have an accurate record of what I accomplish and to create accountability. Some of the reason I feel like I’m not getting anywhere is that I look at where I am and where I want to be. Changing my perspective to look at where I was and where I am should help. I tend to be hard on myself and don’t really see what I have accomplished. Today I can just look back on this log. Time to get started!

Started this post log for Ideas
Wrote article and choose photos for newsletter (for one of my wage earning jobs).
Looked over WP themes for group home.
Researched and printed out info for CD&S project.
Verified newsletter article was received.

Library, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and laundry.

Researched and collected sites for group home.
Checked in with my focus and motivation partner.
Wrote for blog team.
Posted in a couple forums.

Well, writing down what I’ve done today helped. It was a productive day off. I also felt like I relaxed and even had a nice dinner (prepared by my 12 year old, and both girls cleaned up afterwards) with the kids. With our schedules, it doesn’t happen much that everyone is home for dinner!


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