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Monday, July 31, 2006


My personality on line and off, is very socialable and "hostess" oriented. Thanks to my son Bob, I was introduced to Kahlid, and he invited me to post on his forum, Netpreneur Forums. I just naturally did many of the tasks described.
    I have to admit that I was surprised when someone would take me up on a suggestion to post. I saw how I personally enjoyed going to the forum and learning more about new members in the suggested post. I thought that someone who had time to devote to a forum as a host(ess) could really be an asset to that forum.

    If you can't host(ess) your own forum, don't run out and pick just anyone to fill that position. Forced posts by someone who really doesn't care about your forum will only diminish it's value. Take note of the reacurring words in this post .... "sincere", "quality", "appropriate", and "genuine", there's a reason those words are included!

    Why a forum host or hostess?
    1. Excessive amount of forums to choose from
    2. The rareness of personalization on the internet
    Who can be a forum host or hostess?
    1. Forum creator
    2. Forum moderator
    3. Volunteer position holder
    4. Hired position holder (for pay or for exchange of service)

    What are the traits of a valuable host or hostess?

    1. Friendly
    2. Outgoing
    3. Enjoys posting
    4. A natural match maker (someone who recognises good matches of services, interests, personalities, etc)
    5. Genuinely believes in the value of the forum
    6. Positive, encouraging nature
    7. Has time available to post
    8. Sincere

    What are the duties?

    1. Send a personal message to each new member. The e-mail would be welcome greeting and an invite to post on a section like "Introduce Yourself" with a direct link.
    2. When the new member posts in the introduction topic, posts a welcome. Each welcome should be a little different and personalized. Have a handful of appropriate posts for someone new. Invite them to post in topics like "Is Being an Entrepreneur in your blood?" or "Show me your workspace and I'll show mine" with a direct link. The post invites should be personalized to the poster and varied in topic post suggestions.
    3. When posting (only if it is truely helpful and appropriate), takes the time to provide direct links to other posts within the forum to provide easy access to forum topics and information.
    4. Periodically looks through forum, and when a quality post can be made, will post on an inactive topic.
    5. Visit new member's sites and e-mail a sincere comment. If the site is a blog and it's appropriate, post a comment or two.
    6. When visiting other forums, will mention the forum in a quality post.
    7. Will look for potential posters to invite when posting in his or her favorite forums.

    I'm sure you could customize this for your individual forum and it's to your benifit to do so.

    These are the high tech days of excessive choices. Good old fashion personal attention will set your forum apart from that excess. Word of mouth is still an effective way to let others know of your existance. You shouldn't be surprised people still talk about and respond to personal attention. It will only increase in the future as personal attention becomes more rare.

    Sunday, July 30, 2006


    I have been coming across so very much infromation lately and there's just not enough tim to sort through it and read it all! I've been exchanging information with my son lately and was thnking it would be helpful to have a couple more people out there checking stuff out and pointing me in the direction of the great information out there.

    I got the idea of having a blogger team. The six members would research, write, and post for the benifit of the team members and create a pool of content and resources. Each member would have content unique from the others.

    If you are interested, please contact me. I have also put a request for members in Netpreneur Forums.

    Friday, July 28, 2006


    I'm typing on my new keyboard. This morning before work my "G" and "H" failed to respond, resuscitation was unsuccessful, so my son and I headed to Wal-Mart and I got a replacement. The first thing I did when I got home from work tonight was unplug, the still lifeless carcass of my keyboard, send it to rest peacefully in my trash can and plug in the new one! I won't elaberate now, but will at a future date, about knowing when to know when to stop resuscitation attempts. You're on your own for now to evaluate that one!

    It may be the sheer exhaustion or the limited social contact or no partner in my life, but ideas are flowing wildly and at an increased rate lately. Instead of trying to figure out the cause, I will just try to write them all down to be used in the future.

    First things first....I've been thinking and evaluating!

    1. I have been learning in leaps and bounds. I'm fustrated due to limited time available to do something with my new found knowledge.
    2. I have looked over my projects and feel they are worth pursuing.
    3. I need to prepare my Jan's Group Home Help to be launched.
    4. I need to redo this blog
    5. In the event anything is successful, I don't want to run traffic through

    Time for Jan to plan!

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    I changed the template on Jan's Group Home Help blog and lost my links, stat counter and a few other customizations because I didn't double check I saved the first template.
      Now that I've looked at a lot of blogs and am more comfortable with working on them, I am evaluating my blogs. This one will be next, I will be sure to check the saves before I change it.
        Though creative, I have decided against the color variations from post to post. Now that I have a lot of posts, the colors are distracting when running down the blog. The content should stand out.
          I will go over my group home blog at a later date and fix it. Glad the launch was postponed.
            Working on Mid Life Crisis AZ's blog I learned that AdSense will reject a blog that looks like it's under construction. I'm still waiting for the reply from one of the band members who resubmitted it now that it has more posts.

            Tuesday, July 25, 2006


            I have recently checked into two partnerships.
              My first one is related to my photography and is in the works. I think I will give it a fancy code name like all the other entrepreneurs (lol) do with their projects, to protect it till it's launched. I will name it, JFPX-1.
                Yesterday my son and I talked about partnering up for an on going project. It doesn't need a secretive code, but we will probably name it for reference puposes.
                  I will write content, he will design/set up the websites and we will end up with 2 content based websites.
                    Here's the details.
                    1. We both pick one topic.
                    2. Each website will have 50 pages.
                    3. We each pay for one domain and its hosting.
                    4. We may have similar topics to link the two websites (still deciding on that one).
                    5. He designs the site the way he wants and I write the way I want.

                    What I like about this idea is that at the end, I will own one site and he will own one site (we will own the site we picked the topic for). No time will be consumed monthly or quarterly evaluating profits and splitting them up.

                    We had tried to partner up on a project before that didn't work. The problem was when it came to the design. We eliminated that factor! In business we are a great match because we brainstorm really well together and have complimenting strengths to weaknesses.

                    I will keep everyone updated! I plan to start this project in aproximately 2 months.

                      GOAL REACHED

                      I may have been a few days late, (I can't find where I wrote down my target date to start), but I submited my first article for a business topic site today. The site has not been launched yet, when it is I will let you know. I had wanted to have 4 weeks (one a week) of articles to submit today, but didn't reach that goal. With the new second job, I am happy to have the one article in!
                      I set a new goal of submitting two articles next week. By next month I'd like to have 4 articles. The benifits for me to submit 2 articles at a time, is that I only have to make the time once a month instead of 4 times a month to submit. If anything comes up, that's one less thing to worry about doing, I have a cushion. For the site, he can post them on a set schedule and choose the order in which the articles are posted. If something comes up for me, his site isn't effected.

                      Sunday, July 23, 2006


                      I have been very busy with wage earning jobs and putting in little time with other projects. Here's some of what I've been up to.
                      1. Encouraging others to start blogs as part of their long range plans. Plans to meet and discuss further over the next few weeks.
                      2. Redid my profile and added my photo.
                      3. Posting regularly on Netpreneur Forums (82 posts in 2 weeks)
                      4. Added google ad to bottom of page w/graphics.
                      5. Planning a website partnership involving my photos.
                      6. Wrote up ideas/plans for the photo project.
                      7. Waiting for a response re:content site partnership.
                      8. Meeting tomorrow to brainstorm with her for her upcoming project.
                      9. Researched information and wrote re:employee incentives.
                      10. Took some photos.
                      11. Set aside % of income for assets developement and donating.
                      12. Read 2 books.
                      13. Maintained Mid Life Crisis blog and took more photos for them.
                      14. Accidently cleared my stat counter! Reset it the best I could.
                      15. Started a second job at a call center.
                      16. Wrote a lot.
                      17. Finished research and started rough draft for article in bTopic.
                      18. Decided time is too tight to post photos w/every post for now.
                      19. Worked WAY too many hours for wages. :)

                      Monday, July 17, 2006

                      NEW FORUM

                      Launches Today!
                        It's a great site! There's something for everyone. I hope you check Netpreneur Forums out and tell Khalid hello!
                        1. In the "lounge" there's a place to get to know each other, ask for and share information, and learn. My favorite place to post is in "kickback"'s also my favorite area to hang out on the forum because of the variety of forum topics.
                        2. In "monetization" those currently making money or planning to, can share information and get ideas. Webmasters will find forum topics of interest here.
                        3. The "marketplace" is where we can all go to conduct a variety of business (purchases, trades, advertising).
                        I was fortunate to be invited to post at Netpreneur's beginning. The forum's creator is Khalid, he is a talented, gifted, idea filled young man. He's dedicated to his forum and is there posting regularly. I feel privileged to be part of the launch. Netreneur Forums is bound to go far!
                          This is the first forum I've posted in regularly and I have entered the posting contest. It's been a friendly and welcoming community so far. I'll let everyone know how I'm doing on the contest.
                          I'm fighting off the flu today, but will have a link in my side bar within the next few days to this forum.

                          FORUM POSTING update/info

                          I have 55 posts
                          My rank is-Pay Raise.
                            I joined Netpreneur Forum on July 9, 2006.
                              Kahlid has a
                              contest for posts. I'm competing for the prizes at the 500 post level. There is also a prize level for 250 posts and another for 125 posts.

                                Another thing I like on the forum is that Khalid has various ranks you can achieve depending on your number of posts.
                                0 - 49 posts - Minimum Wage
                                50 - 99 posts - Pay Rise
                                100 - 199 posts - Entrepreneur
                                200 - 499 posts Serial Entrepreneur
                                500 - 999 posts - Netpreneur
                                1000+ posts - Internet Legend


                                  I'm going to try to post today and see if I advance the date w/post and comment options, if it will post itself tomorrow. I could write posts and have them post themselves if I take time off.
                                    It didn't work. I guess I will have to pay someone to post drafts if I take time off. It posted immediately with the future date/time.

                                    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

                                    WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS

                                    I just read an article about female entrepreneurs.
                                      I have decided I will get more information for my project, Mom's Money School, regarding raising up female entrepreneurs since I have two young daughters. I think I may include a chapter just for girls.
                                        I have a post regarding that on Netpreneur Forum, a place for internet entrepreneurs, to get some input.

                                        Monday, July 10, 2006

                                        DIVIDING POSTS IN PARTS

                                        Divide a long post into two or more parts.
                                          Doing this has advantages.
                                          1. Easier to read posts
                                          2. Increases number of posts
                                          3. Encourages travel within blog

                                          You can connect all the parts of the posts. At the bottom of your post have a link to the other parts of the posts. For example, part three could have links to parts one, two, and four.

                                          You can also connect related posts to each other this way.

                                          BLOG HINT

                                          Problem-There's information on my blog that I want on the first page every month.
                                            Solution-Use "post and comment options" on blog post.
                                              One way is to have a link to the information you want available in one post. Example-I have a post titled "band information". In that post I link the text to the posts "band history", "band members", "the music", "the songs", etc. At the beginning of every month I edit the post and change the post date to the current month, day 1, at 12 am. This prevents it from being archived. Another option would be to change the information on each post individually if it is better to have each post seperatly posted in the side bar.

                                              Sunday, July 09, 2006

                                              HOME OFFICE planning

                                              Get a pen and paper or go to your computer.

                                                Decide what your business needs. Start with the bare essentials and add supplies and equipment as income comes in. Upgrade as finances allow and to meet changing business needs. Prioritize the items neede.
                                                  I suggest you create three lists of supplies and equipment needed for your home office.

                                                  1. The bare essentials that are business necessities needed to start your business.
                                                  2. The supplies and equipment that will increase business efficiency and have priority when income starts coming in.
                                                  3. The wish list of supplies and equipment extras that will make doing business easier.

                                                  HOME OFFICE part three

                                                  Phones, not just for talking anymore.

                                                  Even though much communication is done on the internet, there are still businesses where contact with customers on the phone is essential. Cell phones may be a great choice because they can also be used as a portable connection to the internet, have walkie-talkie capabilities, and can document and share information with their built in cameras. Landlines have dependable high quality connections. Ask these questions;

                                                  1. Will you need to be easy to reach?
                                                  2. Are you going to need e-mail and internet capabilities?
                                                  3. Would it be beneficial to forward photos/video to customers through your phone?
                                                  4. Will there be employees that will be needing phones?
                                                  5. How important is the connection?
                                                  6. Will you be traveling often and where?

                                                  Home office-intro and part one

                                                  Home office-part two

                                                  FIRST REFERAL

                                                  Another seed sowed!
                                                    With AdSense, when someone signs up from my button on my blog, it is considered a referal. When the referal makes the first $100, I get a one time payment of $100! Mid Life Crisis signed up for AdSense. As soon as the sign up is comfirmed, I will add the ads for them and their own button for referals to AdSense.

                                                    Saturday, July 08, 2006

                                                    HOME OFFICE part two

                                                    Most businiesses will need a computer eventually.
                                                      At the very beginning you may be able to invest in portable memory like a jump drive and borrow your family or friends computer temporarily. Eventually, though, every business will benifit from a computer. Some businesses need a computer that can go where you go whether it’s to visit a customer or for business travel. You will have to decide if it will just be used to get you on the internet and information storage or to efficiently handle complex graphic designs and large downloads.
                                                      1. Are you mostly storing information for your business and its customers?
                                                      2. Do you need speed and memory for large files of graphics?
                                                      3. Do you need to download large amounts of information fast?
                                                      4. Do you need a wireless internet connection?
                                                      5. Will customers need to be able to view, make changes, or accept designs?
                                                      6. Do you need to be able to connect it with any office equipment?
                                                      7. Does it need a portable printer?

                                                      Home office-intro and part one

                                                      Home office-part three

                                                      Friday, July 07, 2006

                                                      HOME OFFICE part one

                                                      Many entrepreneurs are born at home.
                                                        If you are one of them and working from home, be sure to create a permanent or temporary area to conduct business. Once you evaluate your needs for your type of business, ask yourself a few questions so you can decide what you will need to effectively conduct business from your home. Start with the bare essentials in case your initial plan for business ends up on a different path and your original business supply list changes. Also, as the business grows, let the income from your business pay for additional items and upgraded items. Cut your costs by finding another entrepreneur that will be starting a new business and could purchase your original startup items as you upgrade. You can keep an eye out for other entrepreneurs who are upgrading, what they are selling could be an upgrade to you.

                                                        You will need to decide if a large desk, storage for paperwork, and a place for office equipment in an extra bedroom will be necessary or you can set up temporarily, as needed, at the kitchen table or on TV tray in the living room. Maybe a hall closet can be transformed into a mini office with a fold up desk and shelves to fill the needs of your business.

                                                        Before you set up office, ask yourself some questions;
                                                        1. Will you be doing a lot of paperwork?
                                                        2. How instrumental is the computer to your business?
                                                        3. Is comfort important in your work area because you will spend a lot of time there?
                                                        4. Will you need room for office equipment essential to conducting your business?
                                                        5. Is it necessary to have a quiet place to conduct phone business?

                                                        Home office-part two

                                                        Home office-part three

                                                        PROBLEM SOLVING

                                                        WHEN YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, SEE IF YOU CAN CREATE IT.
                                                          I don't have much of a base to create benifitial links. I have limited time to research and request link possibilities.
                                                            My soloution....I have been motivating and helping people to start a blog, especially if it will create mutually benifitial links. I'm creating what I can't find at this time. It's a slow start, but I always believe slow movement is better than no movement at all.
                                                              Immediate benifits:
                                                              1. Increased experience with blogs
                                                              2. Hhtml experience increased
                                                              3. Added opportunity for link exchanges
                                                              4. New ideas brainstorming
                                                              5. Increased help that naturally comes from helping others

                                                              Future benifits:

                                                              1. Increase traffic
                                                              2. Income from AdSense referals
                                                              3. Advertising location opportunities
                                                              4. Income from advertising
                                                              5. Larger networking base


                                                              This is one of those times that flexibility is required with circmustances changing. I am going to skip the adding of photos to every post till I'm done with training at my second wage earning job. I realize even when I have a little time to post, I don't, because I don't want to take the time to locate and add photos.
                                                              I have put off my entreprenuer training of my daughters till I'm done with training next week, also.
                                                              Having this second job motivates me to develope my other projects. I want to be free financially to have more choices on how my time is spent earning money.

                                                              Thursday, July 06, 2006

                                                              CHILDREN'S CANCER AWARENESS

                                                              The display was up for two weeks at the Eastside City Hall lobby in Tucson, AZ. It had childrens cancer awareness information, photos and writings from Cactus, Cancer, and Chemo,
                                                              Robert Schmuck's story of surviving children's cancer, information on Don't Be a Schmuck, and how it felt from family members to have Rob go through treatment.

                                                              Tuesday, July 04, 2006


                                                              I have been busy training for a second job. I have 1 1/2 more weeks and then will have more time for my blogs again.

                                                              1. Submitted a sample article to bTopic to be considered for weekly article writing in exchange for a percentage of the profits.
                                                              2. The Children's Cancer Awareness display was up for two weeks, I had a lot of positive feedback from it and my photos and writing. It encouraged me to move forward with Cactus, Cancer, and Chemo blog.
                                                              3. I created a blog for a friend's band Mid Life Crisis and had it ready by the target date July 4th, 2006.
                                                              4. I keep taking photos for my library.

                                                              Web Jan's Idea Box