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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Team 6D-Premier is now forming

The idea behind creating a blog team is to jumpstart, re-start, or maintain momentum of your blog.

  • Would you like some supoprt to reach your goals?
  • Would you like to be motivated to work on your blog?
  • Does your blog need more exposure?
  • Could you use 5 sets of "eyes" on other fourms and on some of the top earners' sites?
  • Would you like to help others?
Being part of the team will require some extra work, but it will also provide you and your blog with help, motivation, support, exposure, traffic, and unique content. If you are willing to do some extra work for a 3 week pre-season and an 8 week season, please PM me at Netpreneur or e-mail me at Jan's Idea Box to receive an application to join the FIRST 6D Blog Team. (In subject, please put "6D team" so you don't get sent to spamland, thank you.)

The team blog is still being set up, so the requirements will be posted in the 6D Bog Team section on Netpreneur Forums. The team blog is going a little slow, as I am still figuring out WordPress. By the time the team forms, it'll be up and running.

I'm pretty excited to have this finally get off the ground! Its one of those things that I needed to trust it would work out in its own time. Looking back I see I'm glad the following things came about before the team got started.

  • I got a reseller hosting account
  • I registered the domain
  • I learned how to host the domain
  • I graduated to WordPress
  • I came up with the idea of sub-forums for sites/blogs on forums
  • Netpreneur added a new section-Blogger's Lounge
  • 6D Blog Team has a section in the Blogger's Lounge
This is just an idea right now, I know once it gets started there will be ways to improve it and it will only get better. I want to see if I'm right in thinking that teaming up, can make blogs more successful and productive. I really believe this could be a great way to develope new contacts, skills, and be exposed to some new blogs, sites, and forums. It'll be fun to look back at the blogs and see how they do after being part of the team. New blogs and stagnant blogs should really benifit from being part of a team.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you got here from a forum link, you may wonder why I didn't just link directly to the requirements. If the team blog was ready, I would've just linked directly to the requiremets there, but its not. I didn't want to disrespect the forum I was on by posting a link to another forum. Please don't feel like you are getting the run around. If you have issues with going to another link, you can e-mail me at Jan's Idea Box, I will be happy to e-mail you a copy of the requirements.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


6D Blog team section

I'm really excited! I just finished a chat with Khalid and the new section on Netpreneur has been added, The Blogger's Lounge. Its a place where a blogger and his/her visitors can meet and further discuss posts from that blog. For me it will be a central meeting place for the team. Its great to see an idea I had implemented! I hope it will be a benifit to both Khalid, the members of the forum, and I.

Today I put in one of my marathon 19 hour shifts so won't get the requirements and detalails up till tomorrow. You will be able to find them here on the team's secton.


Will I reach my goals?

Well, One I won't because I decided to put on hold any goals related to JFPX-1. With the other goals, I am actually doing better than I thought in some areas and have a lot of work to do to meet my other goals, in other areas.

Ideas-have 11, need 12 (3x a week X 4 weeks) posts.

Group Home-1/2 done, might not meet posting goals since I"m transferring it to WP which was not a goal.

Project 6DC-behind on posting. Research and design, I'm m
eeting goals.

Project CD&S-barely started

Blog team-on schedule, when Khalid adds section to Netpreneur, then I'll post invites and personally e-mail entrepreneurs I know.

JFPx-1-on hold.


Not all partnerships are about hooking up to split profits.

Partnerships bring to mind complimetary skills and talents joining together on a common project, sharing the work, and splitting the profits/losses. Recently I entered into a different type of partnership.

Let me tell you how it started and came about. A few weeks ago a fellow forum member, Trigatch4 and I exchanged a few PM's (private messages) and eventually I joined AIM (AOL intant messaging) and when we began to chat we found out we had some similarities.

  • Fairly new to the world of the internet entrepreneur.
  • Aren't where we want to be.
  • Lacked the skills needed to take us to the next level.
  • Strong drive to learn.
  • Motivated to get rid of the wage earning jobs.
  • Minimal support for our internet pursuits.
It was fun to chat because we have a similar sense of humor. I naturally wonder why people come into my life, I always believe there's a purpose. At first I didn't see it. We live pretty opposite sides of the US. There's an age gap. With both of being new, what did we really have to offer each other? After a few days it was clear...we could be support partners-SP. In the business world it would be called a stratigic alignment.

SP partners provide one to one support to their partners as they pursue their goals. Partners become familiar with each other to personally know what motivates each other and personally know the needs of their partner. Support is provided in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the partners.

  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Brainstorming
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Skill coaching/instructing
  • Resources
  • Contacts
We both found something we needed to work on and set a date to accomplish it. We ended up extending the date, but we got our respective projects done. Mine had to do with the 6D blog team. I finally finished getting the blog team details written and on the computer. While he worked on his SP goal, he came up with a new idea he is checking into. He also accomplished taking another step to acquire the skills he needs to progress. We will probably be setting our next goal within the next few days.

I know I can move forward at a more steady and consitant pace when I make a commitment. Even though we were a few days late (we mutually
agreed to change the date), I got more done than if I had not been in this parntership! An bonus benifit-the fun we have chatting in between the "business" chat. Its a good thing on many levels.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


First transfer from Blogger to WordPress!

I'm introducing my daughters to the world of the internet entrepreneur and they have a blog they started. It only had a few posts, so I decided to try the transfer and sacrifice their blog, if I had to. Since it was on, it went smoothly! Of course there is tweeking involved because of the extra options, but it went smoothly! From what I understand, if it's not published with blogger it might not go as smooth. I spent some time customizing their blog today. They really like it.

I will do the group home next since it has a domain. Ideas will follow when I get a domain for it.

I have set up the pages for both the 6D team blog and the 6D blog. I love the way it sorts everything. My son, Bob, was over a few days ago and after I showed him a little about WP and what I could do on it, he wants to graduate to WP also. Maybe he'll be calling me so I can help him! I'd love to be able to help him after all the help he's been giving me over the past few months.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006
9am-noon, MST time (GMT -7)

Over at Young Go Getters (YGG) forum, which located at the bottom half of the YGG site, there is the Gabby Chat. If you think you would like to join us and chat please join the forum ahead of time and sign in your name at Gabby Chat. We hope to have more chats coming up. Future ones may have topics. For the first one, the focus is just to get everyone together. I'll be there on and off throughout the three hours. Its my day off and have to get some things done around the house at the same time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The new Netpreneur Moderator

I have accepted Khalid's invite to be the first Netpreneur moderator and receive a % of profit when it starts to grow. Right now its quiet, but hope that changes soon.

At first I wasn't going to accept because I don't feel qualified since I'm just beginnig. I realized what a good opportunity it could turn out to be so I decided to do it.

Khalid is going to provied the 6D blog team with their own section. He will let other internet related sites do it also. Sort of a forum within a forum.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Starting fresh!

Ok, new day today! I’m at my computer ready to write. Its 9:30 am. I have the day off. I’m going to commit to writing today. I’m not making goals on quantity, I’m just making a goal to get something, anything started. I will keep a running log of my progress today. The reason for the log is to have an accurate record of what I accomplish and to create accountability. Some of the reason I feel like I’m not getting anywhere is that I look at where I am and where I want to be. Changing my perspective to look at where I was and where I am should help. I tend to be hard on myself and don’t really see what I have accomplished. Today I can just look back on this log. Time to get started!

Started this post log for Ideas
Wrote article and choose photos for newsletter (for one of my wage earning jobs).
Looked over WP themes for group home.
Researched and printed out info for CD&S project.
Verified newsletter article was received.

Library, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and laundry.

Researched and collected sites for group home.
Checked in with my focus and motivation partner.
Wrote for blog team.
Posted in a couple forums.

Well, writing down what I’ve done today helped. It was a productive day off. I also felt like I relaxed and even had a nice dinner (prepared by my 12 year old, and both girls cleaned up afterwards) with the kids. With our schedules, it doesn’t happen much that everyone is home for dinner!

Monday, September 11, 2006


I love to write, but I just can't get started.

I have lots of ideas and notebooks (I write in those during down/slow time at my jobs) full of articles and posts. I just can't get myself to sit at the computer to get it written and edited. When I get to my computer, I wander around the internet aimlessly, that leads to feeling like I've wasted valuable time, and that leads to my fustration increasing. I jsut can't get motivated to write. I kow I'm a little burnt out from my rough wage earning work schedule, but I feel like I should still be able to get more done! Lately I find myself avoiding things that take much effort, even things I enjoy! I'm SO very fustrated.

Not sure if I expect too much of myself or am slacking. I worked 2 months with only one day off per month. This month is better, I had two days off last week and two this week. I've mostly rearranged hours (66 hours between both jobs) so I don't loose money but still get a break with some time off. Last week I was SO happy just to stay home and relax both days off. Maybe I just needed some time to do nothing. Maybe this week will be better and I'll feel more motivated when I have my days off. I sure hope so. I just have so very much I want to do, and seem to not be even be moving!

I have a commitment with a friend to have something done on the blog team. So that means I should have something done by Wed morning. On AIM this morning we brainstormed on some stuff. It really helps to be accountable to him to reach a goal and contact with him helps me to focus and to keep motivated. I feel like I provide some help to him as well.

OK, I'm done with my "venting my fustration" post. I was going to apologize, but this blog is about my journey, and feeling fustrated is part of it, so I won't apologize. Fustration is a part of the internet experience, so there's no reason to hide it. I do hope my next posts will be more helpful and informative, though. For now, I''m going to take a walk with the kids and off to work again.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Added AIM, domain propagated, and joined & posted from Digg

I signed up for AIM last night and used it for the first time today. It works really easily. I picked the classic version to just keep things simple. I made a motivation and focus partnership today on it. We are both are new and learning. We will be accountable to each other to get things done. I'll write more on this soon.

I was patient and didn't even check my new domain yesterday. When I checked it today....there it was. I can't wait to start working on it.

The administrator from Wicked Fire submitted to Digg. So today we go "global" here at Ideas with his Digg article. I used the opportunity to join Digg and blog from Digg the first time. It was very easy.

I have to go, but will update this with some helpful links soon.
UPDATED 9-13-O6 w/links


Affiliate Networks Make A Push Into The UK Market

This is important because for so many years in the affiliate marketing industry, the UK affiliates were very limited in which offers they could promote, but now with a recent surge in American companies expanding into the UK, they'll be able to make a lot more money overall. It finally gives UK publishers more to choose from.

read more | digg story

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


With the excitement came headaches.

Well, I am moving along on my goals for the month and got a domain for my group home blog. I struggled and finally got it added to my accounts (I have a reseller account and am hosting it myself). Trying to add it was the first headache. The second bigger one was that everytime I tried to access my new domain, it showed it couldn't find the server. After a few post, calls to my son, searching the internet, reading posts in forums, and several e-mails to/from tech support I found out I have to wait. Yes....wait, so I am! Valuable lesson learned. I did make a few discoveries in my quest for a solution, so it wasn't a total waste of time!

I learned a new word-propagated (to be produced). I found out I could access the c-panel, download WordPress, manage my domain, and add it to my host....all without it being fully propagated. Others can see it, but I kept getting a "cannot find server" page. Reading a post in Wicked Fire I found out the problem could be that I visited the site before it was propagated. That could be why others can get to it and I could not.

So today didn't go quite as planned, instead of writing for project 6DC and setting up my new domain, I searched the internet! I trust it to all work out!

Friday, September 01, 2006


August EOM.



To be honest, I wasn't going to post this. Though I have an increase, my numbers are very small. I was thinking that there are three reasons to post my stats.
  1. My numbers may help some one else who is also just starting.
  2. It is good to document where I am today so in the future I can accurately see how far I have come.
  3. It creates a sense of accountability.
I started blogging in May. Here are the stats for my first three full months

  • First Domain
  • Graduated to WordPress
  • First posts on WordPress


  • Ideas
    • Post 3x a week
  • Jan's Group Home Help
    • Register Domain
    • Transfer from Blogger to WordPress
    • Post 5x a week
    • Set date for launch
  • Project 6DC
    • Post 5x a week
    • Research, design, plan, etc 5 hours per week
  • Project CD&S-1 (create, divide, & seperate partnerships)
    • Write 10 pages for each site
    • Research for next 10 pages for each site
  • Blog Team
    • Set up blog
    • Write details
    • Post link to details in forums
    • E-mail those who have shown interest
    • Choose 5 members for team 1
  • JFPx-1
    • Register domain
    • Create 5 pages

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