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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Individualization! Special order without the special order expense.
    With limited funds, group home staff have to shop where they get the most for their budget. Often all the homes have the similar linen, dishes, shower curtains, etc. There's little or nothing special on the walls. Often everyone shops at the same store.
      Lots of people take beautiful photographs and could enlarge them for framing. To make their group home individualized and reflect the personality of it's residents, they select a photo from about 150 choices (small versions on the 4 page order form). In addition they choose the frame color and size. They can choose text that I provide or their original text printed on a photo of their choice. In homes that have residents that destroy property the photo can be laminated and framed so there's not the danger of glass.

      Tuesday, May 30, 2006

      Promotion Idea #1

      Summer is perfect for kid related information.

        IDEA-Bookmarks in the library.
        GOAL-Company name exposure .
        COST-Design, printing, cutting, time and gas to distribute.

          Do you have a service or product that children or their parents will benifit from? Share free information printed on bookmarks this summer.

            Design the bookmarks 4 per page. (this can be done on most home computers). The top should be eye catching, colorful, and appeal to kids. Valuable (I repeat VALUABLE) information should be in the center. It should be easy to read and have graphics. If possible, have it relate to your business in some way. At the bottom, small and polite, should be your business information......"_____ information provided to you courtesy of your business name, possibly a very brief description (neighborhood pool cleaner), phone number, and website.

              I would have it professionally printed/copied (card stock should be durable enough) and professionally cut when possible. You don't want it printed from a home computer and the ink disolve with the first water drop that hits it! Start with a small printing/copiying order at the beginning if your funds are low. Print on an as needed basis to spread out costs.

                Have available funds?

                Take advatage of bulk printing/copying discounts.
                Print enough to donate to the schools when summer is over.
                Grade school children will use the bookmarks and hang on to to them.
                Design a longer bookmark with a detatchable coupon. Once the coupon is removed, they still have the bookmark.

                  DETAILED IDEAS

                  Flash game website
                  Top-It's NOT a CAN have fun and learn
                  Middle-FACT-repetition increases retention
                  Repeat these FREE flash games as needed to remember
                  ABC's-game name
                  Business stratigy-game name
                  Bottom-Free educational flash games are brought to you by

                  Swimming Pool Service
                  Top-graphic with kids playing in pool.
                  Middle-basic swimming pool/water saftey information. Text in bright colored boxes.
                  Bottom-These saftey tips brought to you by
                  Super Pool Cleaners
                  Serving your town since 1970
                  Phone number

                    Design an area kids can write their name on their bookmark.

                    I WILL take myself seriously!

                    If I don't take myself seriously, I cannot expect anyone else to!
                      I decided to take my budding talent, my desire, and my photos (as well as the copliments I received on them) seriously.

                        I started over a year ago when I got a self-inking stamp that said "Jan F. Pavis Photographer". My name was in script like a signature, and my title in print. It was uncomfortable. I didn't have any education in photography! I only had an entry level digital camera! I couldn't afford any classes or upgrading my camera. I could afford a rubber self-inking stamp though. I could take a deep breath and say outloud......"I am a photographer"!...... I could keep breathing afterwards!

                          A friend liked my photos so much that he had two blown up to poster size and framed them. (Thank you Joe H.). He wanted me to stamp it. I did in the lower corner like an artist's signature.
                            I framed my photos and gave them as gifts. I was nervous giving them as gifts. Would it look like I was just being cheap? Would the reciever coil back horrified of the hidious photo they would be expected to display? My gifts were well received! It was a gift that had meaning, because it was personal and from me. The receivers were even impressed I took the photos!
                              Before I framed them, I stamped the back. It didn't matter it didn't show. It was the act of a woman who took her photography seriously! I gave the framed photos to family and friends, they knew I took them. When they received a compliment on the photo, they gave me credit as the photographer and relayed compliments back to me. WOW!
                                I continued to add to my photo library. I took pictures everywhere and of everything. In the back of my mind I knew I would eventually use some of them to frame or in graphic designs.

                                My stamp sat unused for awhile. I got busy trying to earn money to support my family and a newly purchase home.

                                  I didn't give up, I just put it aside temporarily.


                                    I have a blog because my son suggested it was a great way to share my many ideas, so here I am.
                                      My focus business is my photography. I have spent a lot of time taking pictures and appreciating every compliment. I have also driven my family and friends crazy with my desire to document our experiences! I enjoy photography so much, I'd like to earn money doing it and have put it in my retirement plans.
                                        So here I am 46 years old and just started to think about retirement. It's not a midlife crisis thing....I finally have more time now that the kids are older. I've been a single mom most of the past 24 years. My youngest of five children just turned 9. Two are out of the house and married and the rest are old enough now, not to be as dependent on me. My work schedule has changed and doesn't consume as high a percentage of my time and energy. I finally have time to think! I have time to plan!
                                          My retirement goal is to travel. It will be a long time till I will be able to afford to retire since I waited so long to start planning. I now have a plan to overlap retirement and work. I want to enjoy traveling. I want to enjoy work. My goal is to travel and make contacts face to face for my photography and print design business. I will be in a location long enough to enjoy the sites, add to my photo library, and establish a good face to face business relationship. I will maintain that business on line. I will yearly, at minimum, return to maintain the personal relationship.
                                            Join me on my hike down this trail. While we hike I hope to inspire you as I share what I'm doing. My ideas will belong to both of us. I will be accountable to you as we travel together, by documenting the experiences here at this blog. Eventually you'll clear a new trail, leaving mine. Your backpack will partially be filled with my ideas, partially filled with your ideas, and you'll leave room for new ideas. You will head off to your distination and I will continue traveling towards mine.
                                              So lets get started!

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